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厦门樾山海 | 柏年印象新作

  | Preface 


Xiamen is an international art city that blends Eastern and Western cultures. Over there, mixing of ancient and modern cultures as well as fusion of mountains and seas with literature and art interweaves an eclectic, free and romantic cultural tone that permeates every Xiamen person.


The project is located in Huandao Road, Xiamen, in the context of mountain and sea culture, "beauty lies in the form of things, comfort comes from the heart", the design is thus launched from this.

Chapter 1


▸  客户价值洞察 


The young and international elites living in Xiamen in the new era no longer take luxury as the sole standard, but take humanities and art more as their value orientation and pursue a free and comfortable life style.

▸  创造客户价值是设计的核心出发点 


How to create value for customers? We do not design purely for the purpose of design, but more from the perspective of customer demands. By blending and recombining different styles and elements of the times, we could provide design solutions in different scenes to bring people comfortable and beautiful living experience.

▸  设计应让客户价值与社会价值趋同 



Design is for relishing life. For contemporary new youth, the home is no longer a simple living space, but a place where the heartis comfortable.

Design not only creates value for customers, but also creates a diversified and inclusive aesthetics of life belonging to contemporary people, so as to let design make a better life and relish life.

△ 托马斯•塞比茨《Charles Christadovo》

Chapter 2


▸  美应是灰度的 


What is beauty? We think beauty has subjective beauty, and different values and experiences form different aesthetic standards. At the same time, beauty has objective standards, and only if under the premise of objective beauty, subjective beauty will have value.

▸  主观美应尽可能地理解与平衡客户诉求 


In terms of subjective beauty, the design is done more from the perspective of customers. It balances the needs of time, cost, aesthetics and other different dimensions, thus creating an international club that meets the demands of customers, and leading the new fashion of romantic and free living.

▸  客观美是遵循设计的客观逻辑的 


On the level of objective beauty, our design returns to the essence of design aesthetics. It guides the thinking of the audience through elements, colors, materials and other design languages to create an immersive life scene at present.


The design extracts elements from the culture of mountains and seas, which endows Xiamen with open, free and inclusive cultural characteristics through contemporary and concise design language, and presents them in the space in form of contemporary art expression.


The composed and restrained Nile blue and the uninhibited vitality orange collide wantonly, which not only has the light luxury texture of fashion, but also has the taste and elegance polished by time.


Beauty is humanized. The clean lines and pure colors present the meaningful aesthetic feeling of the space itself, and also express a kind of attitude with functionality.


Beauty not only emphasizes exterior but more intrinsic quality and details, such as French window, import leather and champagne gold. Through simple and pure texture interweaving, it builds eased and comfortable space experience for dweller.

Chapter 3


▸  文化是价值观长期的沉淀 


Culture is the underlying language of values. No matter how times change, there is always one thing that remains the same -- the feeling of culture, which is deeply rooted in our hearts. Undoubtedly, mountains, seas and tea are the best emotional entry points for Xiamen people.


The openness and inclusiveness mountains and seas give Xiamen, together with the broadness and serenity of the tea culture, create different life scenes in the space and reflect the subtle feelings in the cultural memory.

▸  文化应该因地制宜、与时俱新 


Culture is notinherited for the sake of inheritance. It is more about adapting to local conditions and keeping up with the times. Through the fusion of different cultures, the collision of history and the present, and in the alternation of space and time, it calls for new inheritance and presents diversified and free living experience.

▸  文化决定未来生活方式 


The value of a design work is derived from the cultural value it contains.The future of space is not just a place, but an emotion, an experience, a culture.

△  意大利 Halo Edition 艺术灯

意大利 Halo Edition 灯具将落日余晖的山海记忆带入,于空间植入丰盈深远的精神界域,透过情境传递情感归属和文化认同。

Italian Halo Edition lamps bring in the memories of mountains and seasin the sunset, which implants the rich and far-reaching spiritual boundaries in the space, and convey emotional belonging and cultural identity through the context.


Details, locked in a corner of life, explain the pursuit and love for life quality. Glass, which is colorless and transparent originally, filled with contemporary human poetry monologue.


Art is the fusion of culture and beauty. The unintentional artistic lines quietly conceal the ritual feeling of unexpected encounters, leading people to live more textured and tasteful lives.


We are not only creating a space, but also creating a diversified and inclusive aesthetics of life. It forms a kind of field-oriented cultural consciousness, which brings people comfortable and beautiful living experience and makes living artistic.


Design is an art of balancing customer value, aesthetics and humanity.

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